Editor.py missing package jpy_canvas

Hello eveyone!
The 6th line of python file which is located in flatland/flatland/utils/editor.py cannot be executed properly.
The code “import jpy_canvas” points at the missing github repository “https://github.com/who8mylunch/Jupyter_Canvas_Widget.git”, so i couldn’t install this package.

The main reason why I want to use this module is that i want to build a real train network in my reasearch. And I have seen this discussion “How can I create a rail network, which is just a simple circle?”, suggest me running this notebook file “https://gitlab.aicrowd.com/flatland/flatland/-/blob/master/notebooks/Scene_Editor.ipynb”, but this file will import editor.py which import the missing package jpy_canvas.
How can I fix this bug? Thank you!

Hello @pf1, @hagrid67 is the authority on this matter!

Have you succeeded in solving the issue? I am facing the same problem.

Hi @oussama_a - in fact the missing repo from GitHub has recently been kindly put back for us by @who8mylunch (Pierre). I believe the flatland conda install instructions should work. And running the jupyter-canvas-widget installation instructions worked for me in a virtualenv using the latest jupyter packages. (It creates a package called jpy_canvas I think. I’m away from a screen right now)

The editor needs a bit of tidying but I think you should be able to draw a track and save it. I’ll keep an eye out if you would like to report any problems. Thanks!

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hello,have any solution been found ? I am facing the same problem. thanks