Duplicate submission


Seems that one of my submissions was sent twice - don’t know how it happened.
Difference is 4 seconds and same score.

Most funny thing that our team has -1 submission now :))

Will be great if you can remove this junk submission.

Thank you.


Can somebody return us 1 submission? :slight_smile:

Even worse it repeated again.
So now we lost 2 submissions per day.

Hi, @vitaly_bondar,

Thanks for reporting the bug, and we are looking into it on priority.

I have removed the additional submissions made mistakenly by you.

@shivam Thank you.
I think I understand why it happened. I selected file, which forced form submission, but also clicked a button and it caused second form submission.

Possible solution is to block button once the file is selected, but for sure you should know better how to fix it :slight_smile:

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I see. Thanks for informing.

It is something we should have changed a while back. :sweat: But looks like now is the time. :smiley: :muscle: