Detectron2 GPU

Hi! Does someone faced this error “RuntimeError: Not compiled with GPU support” using detectron2? I tried docker images from pytorch and nvidia, but in each case have the same error. Also in image build stage after running “python -c ‘import torch; from torch.utils.cpp_extension import CUDA_HOME; print(torch.cuda.is_available(), CUDA_HOME)’”
output : No CUDA runtime is found, using CUDA_HOME=’/usr/local/cuda’

It so weird, everything worked well before

Hello @markpotanin

It could be that the PyTorch you installed needs a different version of cuda. Can you check if the version required by your PyTorch installation is the same as the one you are using?

I have an image for Detectron2 - the latest version as of a few months ago - with PyTorch 1.7, CUDA 10.1, torchvision 0.8.1, that I have verified as working for submissions. If I remember correctly you may need to set a flag when installing

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