Delete submission #115054 (first in RMSE leaderboard)

Dear admins / @alfarzan
Could you please delete the submission in object? in fact it is +INF the RMSE, not 0, because we left an EXP() in our code for error

And another request (if possible) - we also left a loop which submitted many models yesterday triggering the limit. But they were all wrong submissions/they all failed because they were not meant to be submitted - it was simply a line of code which should be commented and not run … would it be possible to reset then our upload count for the day? Because currently we are struggling to make our model work and therefore we were trying different optins (yesterday we were trying to upload an H2O model, but we understood that zip is the only option, correct?)

Many thanks

Hi @sandrodjay1

Regarding your submission in question, the RMSE leaderboard model will reset once you submit a model with a better RMSE so no need to remove it. Just make sure to use the form to specify which submission to use for the profit leaderboard in case you don’t submit other valid submissions.

Regarding h2o models please make sure to have a read through this thread if you haven’t already.

I will get back to you regarding resetting your submission counter. :ok_hand:

@alfarzan just FYI, it is 0 the RMSE … so we cannot do better :wink: and the 0 is +INF in fact, however the system considered it a 0 … for this reason I’m asking you to delete it! Thanks

Oh sorry! I’ve removed it now.

Thanks for the heads up. We’ll add a check for this in the future.

Hi @sandrodjay1

On the submission limit, we have now set a submission limit of 100 for failed submissions and a limit of 20 for successful ones.

So you should be able to resubmit. If not please let me know and I’ll double check :ok_hand: