Debug Submission with debug=false

The value for debug is set to false in my aicrowd.json file.
Even so, my evaluation runs in debug mode and says " Warning: The evaluation is running in ‘debug’ mode. You can set "debug": false in your ‘aicrowd.json’ for a full evaluation."

Any idea what I might be doing wrong?

Hey! Make sure you have pushed the changes and that you have tagged the submission after the change. If that does not help, please share the issue page of your submission so I can take a look :slight_smile:

Thanks for the reply!
I think I have done everything as you said.
Yet, it’s running in debug mode.

Here’s the link for my submission’s issue:

@k_sashank : The link above doesnt point to the issue page.
However we noticed that debug is set to False in your master branch. But the code used in your last submission (AIcrowd) still uses debug as True.

Please make a new submission from the master branch of your code repository.

I still don’t understand.

The debug parameter in the aicrowd.json files in my tagged submissions seem to automatically become true after submission.
I also can’t seem to push changes to my main branch. However, as you already pointed out, the debug in my main branch is false.

It looks like the tag for the submission was done to wrong commit indeed, triggering a submission which uses code from 3 months ago. You could try doing a tag here on the main branch (remember to start with “submission-”): AIcrowd

That worked!
Thank you so much!

Just one more thing!
My evaluation succeeded. However, on the leaderboard, it still shows my submission as debug mode with the timestamp of my first debug mode submission.
Does it take some time for the leaderboard to reflect the changes?

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Hmm it might have not updated because the score is has not improved over the debug submission, but this is just a finnicky thing of the leaderboard.