🎉 Congratulations to the Winners!

Dear All,

The Learn to Race Challenge saw trailblazing solutions from the AIcrowd community. More than :busts_in_silhouette: 400 Participants from :earth_americas: 58+ Countries competed in the challenge and raced their agents!

We thank every one of you for making the challenge a success.

We have completed the due diligence on the winning submissions and are excited to announce the final winners of the challenge!

:clap: @lachlan_mares @fheinrich @shivansh_beohar @Werner_Duvaud @matthew_howe @any_name!

Quick explainer on the ranking
Some participants submitted to both the Single camera and Multi camera leaderboards. Participants cannot be awarded for multiple leaderboards, so, in the event the participant ranks at the top of both leaderboards, we skip them in the rankings for their lower-ranking leaderboard and move on to the next participant for that leaderboard.

:point_down: Congratulate the winners, and share your insights and thoughts on the challenge in the thread below!