🚨 Challenge Alert | Blitz X ⚡️ Is Live!

BLITZ X IS HERE! :rocket:

AI Blitz started as a beginner-friendly challenge to help AI enthusiasts across the world learn new skills by solving real-world problems. Since our first Blitz, we have delivered on our promise of hosting a 21 day long AI challenge with five fun puzzles and exciting price money.

After nine AI Blitz with over 2600 participants making more than 14,500 submissions and cash prize pool of over 4000 USD we are delighted to announce AI Blitz X

We want to thank all our participants for supporting this challenge series and making it a favourite on our platform. :blush: As always, Blitz X runs for 21 days, with 5 puzzles to solve and the winner taking the home prize from a cash pool of $400 USD!

So what’s in store for Blitz X?

In this edition of AI Blitz, we are going back to our roots and bringing you a collection of wacky Computer Vision puzzles! We wanted to guide your AI learnings in a structured way therefore, we have arranged all five Blitz puzzles in ascending order of complexity. Are you ready to Blitz it?

Pssst … we have recently launched a beginner-friendly blog that will help you solve Computer Vision problems. Click here to read it.

With easy-to-understand starter code-kits and active troubleshooting by the AIcrowd community, you can make your first submission in 15-minutes. In true Blitz fashion, we have a cash prize pool worth $400 USD.

Click Here to view all the AI puzzles. :rocket:

Friendly Reminder

  1. Find teammates for this challenge over here.
  2. We have a $200 Community Contributor prize pool, click here to know more & participate.
  3. The top two entries on the leaderboard will win $100 each! Click here to check out the leaderboard.

For any other questions or queries, drop a comment and we’ll get back to you! :grin:

Let’s Blitz It! :rocket: