Can someone tell me where the best stopping point for my model would be please (graph inside)

I am trying to make my first model but i dont know when the best time to stop it training, i asked somewhere else and got lots of different answers lol . If you could explain why to that would help me a lot!

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Hello @kimberley_jensen,

I highly recommend submitting as many checkpoints as you can during this competition.

The early stop algorithm might not even help you to find the best checkpoint you have to submit.
It usually depends on your model, the number of parameters, the validation metric (L1, L2, …), the optimizing algorithm you are using, the estimation method (magnitude mask estimation, direct waveform estimation, …), etc.

The practical way to reduce the gap between your expectation and the score measured by the AIcrowd system is as follows:
submit many checkpoints and adjust your model, the way to select the optimal checkpoint, …

I hope this is helpful for you.

Woosung Choi

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