Call for participate

Hello everybody

We are working hard on the next release of FLATland. We just launched FLATland 2.0 a few days ago. Unfortunately, we found many difficulties in the current codebase. The core team is working hard to fix all reported bugs, but we have restricted ressource. Thus it takes quite long time.

Beside fixing bugs, we also spent quite a lot of time in improving code quality and code readability. We did a refactoring of most of the FLATland core. Furthermore FLATland contains a new city generator, which is unfortunatelly not yet documented. You see, we give our best to make FLATland more easy to use and more robust with increased functionality. But we are still not there we like to be.

Since you all have made first expierence with FLATland. We believe that you are the most valuable persons in further improving the great FLATland environment.

You might can help in writting documentations, user manuals, and examples. We think you can quite easy support us, be writing down how to work with FLATland based on your own expirience. It might be more easy from your side to describe how to set up the environment and what is important to know before starting using the software. Our goal is getting a very easy to use environment. But as we know the environment from first line of code, it’s pretty hard to understand where the documentation has to focus on.

So we’re excited to get your feedback and your own effort in improving the FLATland story. Write down what ideas you have and what you like to get improved. We might can improve the whole API together. You might can implement some improvement directly into the public open codebase.

Do you like to help us with the documentations, with examples, with new features or even better with further improvement? FLATland should be a community product and it should be shaped by the whole community.