Baseline Issues

I have tried to solve the problems for the last 2 days however i have faced myriad of problems regarding the baselines:

  1. The datasets are too large and take significant time to download which eats into collab time and disk space. (Not a huge problem but a huge inconvenience)
  2. OBJDE baseline doesnt work if all images dont have a single output as a prediction and straight up get a 0
  3. IMGCOL baseline always reports an image missing for which I have no clue despite ensuring that the image is present in the submission.
    All these bugs make it very hard to remain motivated and waste a lot of time. Please look into it ASAP as the deadline is very close
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See new getting started code for the IMGCOL challenge.

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We have resolved all the issues and also provided version 2 of the dataset for IMGCOL and OBJDE. You can refer to this post for more details.


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