Baseline Agent: Does Polybeast need to be installed locally, or can Torchbeast use it via Docker?

I’m currently attempting to follow the instructions for running the baseline Torchbeast agent.

The “Installation” instructions from this page say:

To get this running you’ll need to follow the TorchBeast installation instructions for PolyBeast from the TorchBeast repo.

That links to this page, which showcases how to install PolyBeast locally. However, if one scrolls up a bit, one sees that the easiest way to install Polybeast is via Docker. Can I use that, instead of the local installation instructions that are linked from the Torchbeast page? Or is there a particular reason why the Torchbeast page links only to the local-install instructions?

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You should be able to use Docker, we’ll update the docs to point to the right place (I had intended to link to the top of the Polybeast section) thanks for pointing this out!