Announcing a bonus round while you wait!

Hi all!

We’re now deep in analysis mode and are in the process of making sure everyone’s models are counted in the final leaderboard. Bear with us and stay tuned :headphones:

A bonus round while you wait :stopwatch:

While you are waiting for the town hall we’ve opened up the challenge for a bonus round. Features of the bonus round:

  1. Removal of Age and Age of License variables
  2. New RMSE leaderboard
  3. Profit leaderboard after the townhall (March 21)

How do I play in the bonus round? :thinking:

You can play in the bonus round exactly as you would normally, except note that the RMSE and final dataset do not contain the following 4 columns (you can also re-download the training data for this purpose):

  1. drv_age1
  2. drv_age2
  3. drv_age_lic1
  4. drv_age_lic2

When does it launch? :horse_racing:t3:

It is open now, the leaderboard deadline is Saturday March 20 10PM UTC.

All the best and have fun!


Hi, are rmse bonus leaderboard correct? It seems that if you have the lowest rmse you are in the last position.

Have a nice weekend!

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Hi @RHG,

Nice catch! :raised_hands:
Bonus Round’s RMSE was indeed wrongly sorted and has been fixed now.

Congratulations on claiming the first rank :1st_place_medal:, while other participants brace themselves to attack for the 1st position :wink:


Thank you!!! @shivam

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r u gonna throw in a little chow to make it interesting for this bonus round

Perhaps! We’re working on that, but no promises at this stage :slight_smile:

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Does the bonus RMSE use years 1-4? Evaluated the same way that the original RMSE worked? Are we supposed to put in a pricing strategy with these submissions? How does the profit round work? I feel like we need a little more information here :slight_smile:.

Hi @lolatu2

In short, everything is going to happen in exactly the same way as the final profit leaderboard, except the dataset will not include the 4 columns listed.


  1. The RMSE leaderboard is computed in exactly the same way as before on years 1-4
  2. Yes, you should place a pricing strategy as before
  3. The profit round will be on the same final year 5 test set excluding those 4 listed columns.

Should we be able to pick our submission for the bonus profit round?
The submission picker says that it’s over

You should be able to pick actually, I can see the page is offline, so please continue making submissions and once it’s back online I will let you know.

In the meanwhile if you will not be around to pick the submission you want later, then please just send me a PM with the submission ID and I’ll make sure that’s the one that is picked :+1:

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