[Announcement] MineRL 0.3.4 Released!

@everyone :helmet_with_cross::helmet_with_cross::helmet_with_cross: MineRL 0.3.4 has been released!

We’re working hard to get the finishing touches for the competition ready and are so excited to bring you a new version of MineRL.

In this update we’ve added minerl.interactor, a new tool enabling humans to interact directly with agents during an episode! (See video below)

You can find a tutorial in the docs here (https://minerl.io/docs/tutorials/minerl_tools.html#interactive-mode-minerl-interactor)

Get the new package with
pip3 install --upgrade minerl

Major Updates:

  • Added minerl.viewer enabling human AI interaction!
  • Fixing the navigate mission issue where the env would crash.
  • Added seeding directly to action and observation spaces to make the environment more consistent!
  • Fixes the data ordering test.