[Announcement] MineRL 0.3.1 Released!

@everyone MineRL 0.3.1 Released! :recycle::recycle::recycle:

After several weeks of late nights and bug squashing, @imushroom1 and I are excited
to announce the release of MineRL 0.3.1 and the MineRL 2020 competition package & dataset!

This update is a largely technical one in a series of many updates we’ll be pushing out which refactor and drastically improve the API underlying MineRL. In the coming months, we will slowly move away from Malmo to our own Minecraft simulator in addition to releasing a large amount of our
closed-source data recording and pipelining infrastructure.
To get started:

pip install --upgrade minerl
python -m minerl.data.download 

See new envs & data (https://minerl.io/docs/environments/index.html#competition-environments)!

Major changes:
* Released MineRLObtainDiamondVectorObf-v0 (and other obfuscated environments for the competition! See http://minerl.io)
* Released new V3 dataset containing both obfuscated and standard env data.
* Internally refactored the MineRL API to use env handlers.
* Unified the data publishing and environment specification API
* Forced all spaces to return Numpy arrays and scalars.
* Open sourced the data publishing pipeline
* Added forbidden streams to the data pipeline
* Rewrote the MineRL viewer to be extensible and support rendering for competition streams
* Rehosted the data on S3, drastically increasing
* Made Asia and Europe mirrors for the dataset.
* Made new MineRL download method (supports sharding and mirrors)