[Announcement] MineRL 0.2.3 Released!

:100: MineRL 0.2.3 released (update now)!

We’re back at it again with another massive update to minerl; say hello to seeding!

The package is now on minerl-0.2.3, and we have released a new version of To upgrade:

pip3 install --upgrade minerl

Changes in minerl-0.2.3:

  • Adding environment seeding! You can now use env.seed(3858) before env.reset() to set th environment seed. Closes #14.

  • Breaking change! env.reset() now only returns a single object obs and not obs, info so as to conform with the OpenAI Gym standard.

  • Fixed an issue where Navigate target would sometimes be underneath the ocean. Closes #162.

  • Fixed an issue where the a blacklisted file showed up in the data!

  • Disable the GUI during episode of MineRL!

  • Fixed an incompatibility with python3.5 where dictionaries would be out of order!

  • Added feature which allows the base port to be configured.

  • Added a feature to set the maximum number of instances allowed for the competition evaluation phase.

  • Removed a buggy download continuation feature. Closes #142.

  • Added documentation and a fix for a multiprocessing 'freeze_support` bug on windows. Closes #145.