[Announcement] Leaderboard Winners

As the Round-2 of Data Purchasing Challenge 2022 comes to an end, let’s shine a spotlight on the winners.

This challenge saw 300+ participants making 2200+ submissions. We thank you all for your participation. Here are the winners of Data Purchasing Challenge 2022. :clap:

:trophy: Leaderboard Winners

:1st_place_medal: xiaozhou_wang USD 6,000
:2nd_place_medal: sergey_zlobin USD 4,500
:3rd_place_medal:ArtemVoronov USD 3,000

Community Contribution prize winners are being finalised and will be announced soon, stay tuned.


congrats to the winners! Quite a shakeup in the final leader board. I’m curious about your solutions, would be cool if you’d explain them.

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Congratulations everyone! Same as @tfriedel, really curious about solutions, this challenge was quite unpredictable!

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Big congrats for the winners, especially for @xiaozhou_wang, it seems you won the competition by a large margin! Really curious about your solution, it would be great if you can share with community:)

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Thanks Camaro! Would love to share my approach. Just not sure what is the usual way of sharing solutions at aicrowd (e.g. do we just do a post or do we make our code public, or is there any other place they ask us to put everything there?)


Thanks! It should be same as other platform like Kaggle, you can just create a discussion thread to share your approach! Of couse it would be the most helpful if you kindly share the code as well, but this competition was very structured so just sharing approach may be eough to understand what leads you to win:)

Hi @xiaozhou_wang, glad you’ll be sharing your solutions. Congratulations on bagging the top spot. As @Camaro suggested, please make a discourse post, and you can also make your submissions repository on AIcrowd Gitlab public if you want to share your full submissions journey. :innocent:


Congratulations to all the winners.

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