[Announcement] Competition timeline moved back!

Hey all,

Hope all is going well! Due to the number of times we had previously moved the competition launch date back, we have decided to push the competition timeline back to allow you more time to compete in Round 1. Importantly,

  • We’ve pushed the Round 1 end date to October 25th.
  • The Round 2 end date is now November 25th.
  • In addition, we will award a travel grant to representitives of all finalist teams in Round 2, to allow for travel to be updated for NeurIPS!

Really excited to see your submissions!

P.S. Expect some new updates to MineRL coming soon!

The MineRL Team

Official Updated Timeline

May 10, 2019: Applications for Grants Open . Participants can apply to receive travel grants and/or compute grants.

Jun 8, 2019: First Round Begins . Participants invited to download starting materials and to begin developing their submission.

Jun 26, 2019: Application for Compute Grants Closes . Participants can no longer apply for compute grants.

Jul 8, 2019: Notification of Compute Grant Winners . Participants notified about whether they have received a compute grant.

Oct 1, 2019 (UTC 23:00): _Inclusion@NeurIPS Travel Grant Application Closes _. Participants can no longer apply for travel grants.

Oct 9, 2019 Travel Grant Winners Notified . Winners of Inclusion@NeurIPS travel grants are notified.

Sep 22, 2019 Oct 25, 2019 (UTC 12:00): First Round Ends . Submissions for consideration into entry into the final round are closed. Models will be evaluated by organizers and partners.

Sep 27, 2019 Oct 30, 2019: First Round Results Posted . Official results will be posted notifying finalists.

Nov 1, 2019: Final Round Begins . Finalists are invited to submit their models against the held out validation texture pack to ensure their models generalize well.

Nov 25, 2019: Final Round Closed . Submissions for finalists are closed, evaluations are completed, and organizers begin reviewing submissions.

Dec 6, 2019: Special Awards Posted . Additional awards granted by the advisory committee are posted.

Dec 6, 2019: Final Round Results Posted . Official results of model training and evaluation are posted.

Dec 8, 2019: NeurIPS 2019 ! All Round 2 teams invited to the conference to present their results.