Announcement about final results

Hi Everyone,

We are finally wrapping up evaluation and checks to the competition as the NeurIPS conference is approaching. We’re already done getting the scores from all the submissions and will publish the scores of each track on separate leaderboards soon.

By the end of this week, we will reach out to those who have won prizes, with details so that they can prepare a short video presentation for the conference. We request that they do not disclose too much of their solution at this point, to save it for the conference.

Alongside the winners, we may also invite commendable non-winning submissions to record presentations for further showcasing at the conference. We’ve been really impressed by many submissions and would love to give them an opportunity to present their hard work.

Further to this, some organizers may reach out to ask some questions about your methods. This is mainly for preparing the report and conference, so we can understand broad trends in the submissions.


Any updates on this?