AIcrowd Submission Failed: 404 Tree Not Found (submission_hash: None)

Hello :slight_smile:

I was trying to submit using the default provided template:

I just added my name to authors in aicrowd.json and pushed the tag, but this error came out.
Has anyone seen similar issue?



Sorry for late update on this issue.
We looked on our side and couldn’t replicate it as of now. Can you share steps done which lead to it?

  1. You created repository and added it as remote OR you pushed directly to create repository automatically.
  2. push master was done followed by tag push OR tag push directly.

Meanwhile, as I see subsequent submission attempt from your side worked. Therefore, considering it to be one off issue as of now.


Indeed, the issue was resolved after submitting again. It seems like an one-off issue that can be closed safely.

FYI though,

  1. The repository was created in GitLab website.
  2. push master than push tag was used