AI Blitz 9⚡️| Looking for Teammates? Reply Here!

Hello everyone!

AI Blitz 9 :zap: Hello NLP is live now!

:rotating_light: This Blitz is all about getting you started on your NLP journey through theory and hands-on problem-solving. By the end of these five puzzles, you’ll have the necessary skills to tackle NLP problems!

If you’re new and feeling a bit lost, don’t fret! We recommend teaming up with fellow AIcrowd users for a more enhanced learning and problem-solving experience. :grin:

Tell us which problem excites you in the post in reply to this post and see the magic happen! We hope you and your new teammates win some exciting prizes!

More info about the challenge over here :speech_balloon:

Know more about the Community Explainer prize over here :notebook_with_decorative_cover:

Hey Folks, Anyone wanted to join my team to solve the competition. Im looking for team mate


I need partner for this too. If you know Automatic Speech Recognition it would be perfect.