Agent dies often for no reson?

I was exploring the environment, and I made a simple agent which just moves randomly up/down. However very often the episode is terminated, and I cannot seem to find out why.

At second 7, the agent falls off the map. This happens to my agent all the time.

Is this a bug? Or is my agent falling in some kind of pit? I’m not able to reproduce this in “human”-mode

I also have this problem. Doing random actions produces unrealistic movements… she suddenly warps from one position to another…

Even as a human player, I often fall through floors and die, it usually happens around levels 18-25

Hi all,

Could you please share your OS and some information about system specs. We have been having difficulty reproducing this behavior on the machines we have been using for development, and I suspect it may be related to system performance and OS. I agree that this is an issue that we’d like to get fixed as quickly as we can.

I tested it on my macos, and I must say I indeed not experience any issues on the macos.

I do experience this issue on my Ubuntu 18.10 machine, with i7-6700K + GTX 1060

Experienced this (jumps off the map) issue on:
Windows 10
i7-4770 (16GB RAM)
GTX 1060 3GB

I also experienced falling through the floor when rotating the camera left, jumping, and spamming the forward button.

Hi all,

We have been able to reproduce and isolate the cause of this issue. We plan to have a fix out within 24 hours to address this. Thanks to everyone who shared additional information to help us track it down.

Hi all,

We have just pushed a new binary version (v1.2) which should fix the issues with the agent falling/exiting the floor. Please check it out here: Be sure to install the latest obstacle-tower-env package which is compatible with it. Please let us know if you still see the issue with this new version.

I was reviewing my agent and just noticed this too. My agent is jumping and changing camera view constantly, then it falls through the floor and terminates the episode.

Not sure, but it may be in connection with another bug. Seems like the tile heights aren’t placed correctly. Bouncing block bug

If you look carefully on as the agent crosses the floor, there are some uneven bits - not sure if this was intended-, which will trigger the agent to seem as if it is jumping for a split second.