About the dataset

While trying to find approaches for this problem, I encountered a dataset online.

After training the model on this extra dataset, I make the submission; the MAE is 0.0 and F! is 1.0 as in here:

Does the rule allow this? @mohanty
If this is the case that the rule does not allow, could you help to remove my above 2 submissions?

Furthermore, I think we should make clear about this public dataset. So all participants can start with equal data.

No, any use of external datasets is not allowed for training and testing purpose. We have mentioned it in the rules in the Disqualification section point 3. But, yeah I understand we should highlight it more. Thanks for bringing it to our notice.

I will delete the submission. You can refer to this if you want to know more on why we are using these toy problems and if external dataset is used, the person will not be eligible for prizes.


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Thanks for the reply.

I make another submission without external data. However, the leaderboard doesn’t seem to be updated:

Is it ok to make submission now? @ashivani

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