#1 Solution OBJDE Blitz5

For this competition the baseline https://www.aicrowd.com/showcase/baseline-for-objde-challenge actually worked pretty well. My guess is that the labels were generated from a similar model as in the baseline, so sticking to this architecture would give better results.

There were 2 minor tweaks to make it work:

  1. Creating Data cell:
    'category_id': i[1]['category_id'].values[0],
    replace with
    'category_id': i[1]['category_id'].values[n],

  2. Submitting predictions cell:
    new_boxes.append([b[0]*w, b[2]*h, b[1]*w, b[3]*h])
    replace with
    new_boxes.append([b[0]/w, b[2]/w, b[1]/h, b[3]/h])

I ran the training for 5000 steps:
Creating Model cell:
cfg.SOLVER.MAX_ITER = 5000
and then continued for another 10000 with smaller lambda:
cfg.SOLVER.BASE_LR = 0.00025 / 10
cfg.SOLVER.MAX_ITER = 10000

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