How to install mmcv-full while submission

Hi! I’m facing “No module named ‘mmcv._ext’” error while installing mmcv-full via pip, it is recommended to install it via openmim, but I don`t no how to do it while submission. Сan you give me advice how to do it?

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Hi @azamatsab

We’ve just released the inference code for the mmsegmentation baseline. You can find the code here.

We used Dockerfile to install mmcv with mim

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Hi, I am able to use the “submission-xx” which will update the gitlab but it won’t trigger a submission. What am I missing ?


Can you check on your git repository (<repo-link>/tags) if the tag is actually uploaded? If not, there may be some error occuring when you run the submit script.

@dipam Hello. I meet the same question as @xav_c. I have checked the (<repo-link>/tags) and find the new tag starts with “submission-xxx”. However, it seems not to trigger a new issue. Is there something i missed?

Can you dm me the repository link @FY1

@dipam Thanks. I have sent the link.

@xav_c @FY1 , Please resubmit any submissions you made for which the tag didn’t reflect on the issues page. It was a problem on our end, its fixed now.

I submitted a submission similar to one working two days ago: I am getting the error message: Evaluate Scores: FileNotFoundError: [Errno 2] No such file or directory: ‘/public/predictions/90d3e88652e9427c90b7deabc45feb77-1625778060600004347.png’ on the last step so my guess all images have been processed.