🚨 Announcement | AI Blitz #6 ⚡️

Hello everyone!

AI Blitz is targetted towards beginners in AI. Blitz 6 has an interesting series of puzzles which allow for a perfect score across all the problems. We expect some of the top participants will soon achieve the said perfect scores, but there’s more to the challenge!

We want this Blitz to be about the community, about you! We want you to share your solutions and help others grow! As soon as two teams achieve a perfect score across all the problems, the leaderboard prizes will nevertheless be locked - however, there still would be community prizes up for grabs!

We look forward to seeing all the notebooks that you share with other AIcrowd community members! Explain your solution to any one question from Blitz #6 and win from a cash prize pool of USD 200! You can share your notebooks by following the instructions here. More on community contribution prizes here.

If you’re looking for a teammate, click here.

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