AMLD 2021 Ticket Giveaway

Hello everyone!

At AIcrowd, our main focus for 2021 is to make Machine Learning accessible for all! This has been one our founding idea for creating AI Blitz. As an extension, we also want AIcrowd users and Blitz participants to have access to top ML researchers and AI pioneers.

In the spirit of democratising ML learning and providing access to top-notch AI researchers, we will be awarding 25 AMLD tickets to AI Blitz #5 :zap: participants! :tada:

Applied Machine Learning Days at EPFL is a global platform for AI & Machine Learning featuring top speakers from around the world. Past AMLD featured individuals like Edward Snowden, Christopher Bishop, Max Tegmark, David Autor, Martin Vetterli among others.

This year, AMLD will consist of monthly thematically focused conferences across various domains of AI and ML. It will be covering topics such as AI & Democracy, AI & Nutrition, AI & Sustainable Energy, AI and the response to COVID-19 pandemic and many more. The ticket provides access to full AMLD 2021 (including 13 track events) throughout the year, originally costing CHF 149.

So, how can you win a ticket for this conference?

  1. Make a successful submission for any two AI Blitz #5 problems.
  2. Post a comment on this discourse post mentioning the two problems. Along with a short one-line introduction about yourself and how you got started with AI.
  3. And that’s it!

We’ll be sending the ticket to AMLD 2021 conference to first 25 participants! :tickets:

You can see talks and highlights from previous AMLD over here

Important Note

  • Please make sure to solve at least two problems from the current Blitz to be eligible.
  • You must leave a comment on this discourse post to be eligible to receive a ticket.
  • Only one entry per user is allowed.

All the best! :slight_smile: