Aicrowd-bot adds people to my private submission repository for CDX track

For the CDX track, as soon as I create a submission, the aicrowd-bot adds a bunch of people to my private repository, see screenshot for reference.

Is this expected?
I tried the following ways to create the private repo:

  • Fork the starter-kit
  • Create a new project by importing from the starter-kit
  • Create a blank project and add my files

For all the scenarios it added these members to my project.

It does not happen with the MDX track.

I am not sure if the people who got added are only organizers or other participants too, in which case, I hope people will respect fair play because I noticed this only 10 mins after I made the first submission.

I have now deleted the repository. Can the organizers please confirm, before I create a repository again.

cc: @dipam, @mohanty

:pray: :face_with_thermometer:

Hi @subatomicseer , no - this is a bug which needs to be fixed. We should not get access to your repositories as these are private.


Hi @subatomicseer

All the users added above are part of the organizing team. By default, we provide access to the user submitted code to the organizing team to help debug any issues participants face. However, the SDX organizers categorically requested that they not have access to any user submitted code, and we have enabled the same. The organizing team will be added to any new repositories that are used for submissions. We have also retrospectively ensured that no one from the organizing team has access to any of the repositories already submitted by the participants, including yours.

Thanks @dipam for the update. :pray: